Service and support - anywhere in the world

When you purchase an Agrolog solution with our new generation software platform for the first time, we are here to give you with guidance and full support. There is natural process in getting to know a new system. We know.

Agrolog is a customized solution which includes full support at every step. We provide you – together with our dealers - all the support you need. You can always contact us regarding installation, technical issues and questions regarding installation, configuration of data and software - and of course daily use.

24-hour hotline service for support

Our support team offers a 24-hour hotline service for support. Don’t hesitate to contact us to connect with our dealers around the world, or our technology center in Denmark, or if you have technical issues.

Let us know about your issue and we will get back to you.

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We always try to answer e-mails as fast as we can – and always within 24 hours on week days.

Worldwide locations – we still support you

If you have purchased an Agrolog product or system from a dealer outside of Denmark, we still offer you a strong aftersales service – directly from our technology center in Denmark.

  • Free online support

  • Commissioning onsite support

Please don’t hesitate to contact Software Support – we offer more than just the purchase of a product

  • Faster and better installation process by using our free remote desk support during the installation

  • No extra expenses. Use our free online support/commissioning for the first year

  • Checkpoint after the first year. Use our free online auditing service check to optimize your solution after one year of usage

With our software you are in good hands. No extra costs, no need for maintenance and no worries about backup or loss of data, as we handle these issues for you. We give you free product lifespan upgrade of your software and handle all the maintenance so you can concentrate on just using the system daily.

Online support - take advantage of all the possibilities with our software platform

With our new software platform we now offer you more technical support and convenience during installation than ever before. We simply log into the system during your installation process which makes the start up more effective, faster and even more accurate with our technical help.

If you need onsite help regarding installation, you can simply call for an electrician or fitter, who can use our manuals and guides. If you need us to handle the technical issues during installation, we can log on your system or we can use Teamviewer to work with you from our technical center in Denmark. We also offer onsite commissioning support if needed or we can help you find a local dealer near you.

For online TeamViewer support please download following program: 

When the program is running and is showing a session ID, then you will be asked for a remote access to your computer.
If you not get any response, please then call us or email: