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based on valuable and reliable data

In every line of business there is a constant need to evolve and improve. We are in the middle of an enormous digital shift in worldwide technology where we can base our daily work on collectible data to improve our efficiency in many ways.

If you run your grain and crop storage using old technology monitoring systems we have news for you.

We have a software platform that will monitor your crops and alert you to the smallest change. It even logs the data and generates historical charts from which you can learn and thereby optimise your daily workflow.

Let’s talk about an intelligent software management system for grain and crop storage – It’s all about what the software can do for you.


For you who need to know the temperatures inside your silos

Every silo facility needs accuracy and a reliable temperature monitoring system. Our TMS2000 is a basic, professional handheld terminal and read-out unit.

· TMS2000 + hardware
· Safety Control
· Handheld device
· Easy to install
· Easy-to-use system

This system is flexible and can be extended at any given time. Perfect as a reliable and easy starter system for monitoring temperatures in your silos or bulk storages.


For you who need to be able to follow the development

Our TMS2500 is a compact portable hand terminal with built-in memory for documented temperature monitoring which also includes a PC Software to give you a quick overview.

· TMS2500 + hardware + PC Software
· Safety Control. Handheld device
· Stored data and temperature log
· Easy to install
· Easy-to-use system

This system also gives you detailed historical information. Temperature diagrams and tables are generated to enable temperature trends which are analyzed over time.

For you who need a fully automated system

Take full advantage of the benefits of the new technology and let our Agrolog grain and crop quality management system give you the strong tools you need to always be in control of your grain and crops.

· TM6000 + hardware + Customized Software
· Safety Control. Automatic functions
· Automatic log and historical data
· Alarm settings
· Aeration – manual or automatic
· Easy-to-use system and access from everywhere

Agrolog by Supertech is for you who need a fully automated Temperature and Moisture Monitoring System to make your daily workflow easier and much safer.

Supertech Agroline worked in partnership with us to develop our bespoke Agrolog silo temperature monitoring system which suits the high level of grain monitoring we require to protect our malting barley stock throughout its storage period.

The Agrolog system data is displayed in easy-to-understand user-friendly interfaces, and data can be easily interrogated. Information is available immediately on the system and can be viewed on PC, tablet or mobile devices. This saves a lot of time in comparison to our previous analogue system and also inputting data on spreadsheets!

From system design and throughout installation the technical team were available using remote access to support us with any issue and guide our own technical staff to where a problem might be. Aftersales support continues to be excellent – geography has not been a barrier. The cloud-based system allows the Supertech Agroline technical team to detect any issues and resolve them for us very quickly.

We are extremely happy with the service, professionalism, and technical expertise of Supertech Agroline and would highly recommend them.
— Vicky King, Highland Grain