Are you prepared for tomorrow?

Grain is the most important source of sustenance for humans and animal. The grain is a living organism that needs the same intensive care and attention while stored, as it received in the field. It is important to protect our stored crops to keep up with the worlds ever increasing demands and secure value. Supertech Agroline has been a key player in crop protection for more than 20 years. For the past two years we have been in an innovative research and development process and are now ready to begin our next innovative chapter.

AgroLog by Supertech Agroline. We help you secure your crops and values

At Supertech Agroline is has never been our aim to conquer the farming industry but to help our customers by being a reliable and valuable business partner. Two years ago, we launched a new project. We did not just start a project, we also started an inner journey.

The aim of our project was to take a giant leap into the future, where we could embrace new technologies available and use it wisely in our product range. We became “close friends” with the Internet of things, artificial intelligence, cloud-based technology and wireless constellations etc.

Technology only works when user-friendliness comes along with it

Technology alone will not solve everything. Technology will first come in handy when it is user-friendly and intuitive. We worked closely with selected customers to identity their needs and wishes. This has ensured, that our users now have an intuitive and efficient workflow, in their daily work with ensuring quality and safety of their stored crops. We also realized there was an extensive need for being able to access systems from different locations and platforms, and we realized the fact, that we can improve our service by helping with management and control from remote. Both via personal assistance and intelligent algorithms.

We have developed a completely new product line: AgroLog by Supertech Agroline. AgroLog is both solid hardware and a new intelligent software. The software makes all the difference. It has been highly important for us to work with the visualization of data and assets in grain management, eg. the historical charts and the 3D graphics. We have developed a complete system that gives the user all the tools needed – to make the right decisions. More importantly, we have made it extreamly easy to use our system.

To prove this, we have worked closely with our partners in the field for two years and tested the system several times in demanding environments. For example something that we discovered to be useful to our larger customers was the ability to have multiple grain storage sited spread across an entire country in a single screen in our software. Something that is now available on

The future is always just around the corner and we are ready for it with a new and future proof AgroLog and a modern company behind. We will continue to embrace future trends and more new products are in the making. In the past we were known for our temperature monitoring. Today we embrace multiple types of sensors and methods for identifying risks and problems in the grain. For example we are now launching moisture CO2 and level monitoring.

We are happy to announce that the new AgroLog is available in the market. Feel free to contact us at any time if you would like to know more.