is our intelligent software that will help you make better decisions. It is a new generation of agricultural monitoring software that will process sensor information, let you know about the smallest change in your storage facility and simultaneously automate critical tasks.

We now offer you not only data but value from your data. The data empowers you to gain deeper insight in trends and several automated functions such as aeration are available for your convenience.

  • Automatic collection of sensor data

  • Automated analysis of data and reports

  • Friendly and intuitive graphical interface

  • Centralized system for high security, data protection and automatic backup

  • Strong after sales support and 24/7 hotline service

Agrolog is your future management “partner” you can rely on, so you can handle your grain and crops with even more confidence. Everything has been made easy for you. Easy to install. Easy to use. Easy to interpret. Full support at every step.

This is how easy
it is to operate the system

  • Access the system anytime and anywhere using PC, smartphone or tablet etc.

  • Increase safety. With one system you can control multiple sites from anywhere in the world

  • Centralized system. Achieve high security and protection of data and still easy to manage and maintain

  • Use the automated reports. Save worktime by letting the software generate valuable insights for you

  • No need for additional software, backup or server maintenance as we handle this for you. We protect your data of course


  • Intuitive, modern graphical interface allows quick and easy interpretation of data

  • Real-time data – telemetry, monitoring and control 24/7

  • Real-time 3D visualizations quickly illustrate where the problems occur in the silo

  • REST Interface for integration with third party systems and an open system that allows developers access to advanced computations

  • Be alerted by e-mail with the slightest change in your crops, also when not using the software

  • Full historical chart for deeper insights in the trends


– it doesn’t end with your purchase

When you buy an Agrolog system, you don’t just buy a monitoring product or system. A long-lasting relationship with Supertech Agroline will be standing behind you every step of the way. All of our worldwide dealers are well-educated in our systems and software and can guide you in the correct use of our systems.

With an Agrolog system you always have a direct line to our technical centre based in Denmark if you need to get in contact with us. We can work with you directly through the software, which enables us to offer you strong support quickly and accurately from a remote desk.

We believe in strong worldwide relationships and we offer you support at any time to optimise your usage of our systems - all this together with your local dealer.