AgroLog TMS6000

Our world is changing. The growth of the world population and the increase of production of bio-fuel will lead to shortages of grain in the future. Grain is the most important source of human food and animal feed. There is a need for accurate data, we know.

AgroLog by Supertech is for you who need a fully automated Temperature and Moisture Monitoring System to make your daily workflow easier and much safer. It is solid hardware and an intelligent software. It is up to you how advanced a solution you need. It is also up to you if you want a cloud-based or on-premise software solution. We can customize AgroLog to your exact needs - no matter how many silos or bulks you need to secure and where they are located.

Get access to all the information you need to react fast with even the slightest change in your silos:

  • Minimize waste and maintain high grain quality

  • Follow your grain and crop daily and rely on automated functions

  • Improve your daily work flow based on reliable real-time and historical data

  • Easy-to-use system with only one access point you can use from anywhere at anytime

  • Easy integration with any other system such as SCADA or PLC

  • Support from both your local dealer and Supertech Agroline at every step

This is a complete measuring and surveillance system that works for you day and night, collects information from multiple sensor types such as temperature, moisture, CO2 etc. and a software that delivers all the data you need to gain deeper insights.


Temperature MONITORING

Avoid spoilage in your grain by detecting hot spots

Check temperature regularly until target temperatures are reached. Lower temperatures allow grain to be stored at a higher moisture content. Insects, mites, fungi and micro toxins thrive in higher temperatures



For better storage quality and safety

Moisture and shrinkage control is achieved by measuring moisture content and temperature at several points throughout the silo


Level Monotoring

Tracking inventory in silos is an important component

Using the AgroLog Software and our automatic mechanical level sensor makes it easy to know where materials are located and how much there is


Aeration Control

Automatic fan control optimizes grain quality

Optimize grain moisture and temperature. Avoid shrinkage. Our temperature and moisture monitoring in combination with ambient temperature and humidity data starts and stops the fans automatically


CO2 Monotoring

CO2 Sensors can provice early spoilage detection

Insects and mold are organisms that respire and release CO2. The gas will travel to the head space of the silo due to the internal upward flow of air


Head Space Monotoring

Avoid condensation and wet grain on the grain surface

Roof ventilation fans are controlled by data from the head space sensor and dew point is computed from temperature and humidity



Monitoring weather conditions provides great control for aeration

The weather station keeps a constant eye on ambient conditions. Ensuring that only air of the correct properties is used for aeration - the new intelligent software for Crop Management

Tools you need to achieve the results you want

Even though today’s technology is evolving so fast, many farming monitoring systems don’t give you the feeling of being in control. With Agrolog by Supertech Agroline you are in control.

Our solution consists of an agricultural software platform and the grain monitoring hardware system TMS6000. It goes beyond just temperature monitoring. Our new software platform – a very intelligent grain quality management system - ensures high levels of safety during storage. The system will let you know about even the smallest change in your storage facility. We now offer you not only data, but value from data.

  • Automatic collection of sensor data

  • Automated analysis of data and reports

  • Friendly and intuitive graphical interface

  • Centralized system for high security, data protection and automatic backup

  • Strong after sales support and 24/7 hotline service

The data even empowers you to gain deeper insight into the trends and several automated functions, such as aeration, are available for your convenience.


Highlights and features

  • Temperature, moisture and CO2 monitoring

  • Continuous silo level content

  • Fully-automated aeration control using ambient weather stations. Minimise energy consumption and avoid using air that is too humid or too warm by using the automatic functions

  • Solid hardware components. Our approvals for ISO90001 and ATEX are integrated parts of our in-house Quality Management System. Every single product goes through a 24-hour test before leaving our facilities in Denmark

  • Cloud-based software solution or local server solution. We handle everything regarding the software and protect your data

  • Durable construction suitable for all climates


This is how easy it is to operate the system

  • Access the system anytime and anywhere using PC, smartphone or tablet etc.

  • Increased safety. With one system you can control multiple sites located anywhere in the world

  • Centralised system. Achieves high security and protection of data and is still super easy to manage and maintain

  • Use the automated reports. Save time by letting the software generate valuable insights for you

  • No software, backup or server maintenance is necessary as we handle this for you. We ensure the safety and privacy of your data


The Agrolog system – hardware and software

  • Agrolog Gateway

  • Software

  • Weather Station

  • Aeration Control

  • Crop Level Measurement

  • Temperature + Moisture Sensor Lines

  • Headspace Sensor

  • Temperature Sensor Lines

And for ease of use

  • TMS2500 Hand Terminal

  • TMS2500 PC Software

  • TMS2000 Hand Terminal


Software benefits

  • Intuitive, modern graphical interface which allows easy and fast interpretation of data

  • Real-time data – telemetry, monitoring and control 24/7

  • Real-time 3D visualisations allow you to quickly identify where problems are occurring in the silo

  • REST Interface for integration with third party systems and an open system that allows developers to access advanced computations

  • Be alerted by e-mail to the slightest change in your crops, even when not using the software

  • Full historical chart for deeper insights into data trends

  • Automatic reports


Everything has been made easy for you.

  • Easy to install

  • Easy to use

  • Easy to interpret

  • Full support at every step

All in all, we provide you with a complete and easy-to-use solution. It will make you feel safe and confident and at the same time enables you to optimise your profits by minimising waste in your storage facility.

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For you who need to know the temperatures inside your silos

Every silo facility needs accuracy and a reliable temperature monitoring system. Our TMS2000 is a basic, professional handheld terminal and read-out unit.

· TMS2000 + hardware
· Safety Control
· Handheld device
· Easy to install
· Easy-to-use system

This system is flexible and can be extended at any given time. Perfect as a reliable and easy starter system for monitoring temperatures in your silos or bulk storages.


For you who need to be able to follow the development

Our TMS2500 is a compact portable hand terminal with built-in memory for documented temperature monitoring which also includes a PC Software to give you a quick overview.

· TMS2500 + hardware + PC Software
· Safety Control. Handheld device
· Stored data and temperature log
· Easy to install
· Easy-to-use system

This system also gives you detailed historical information. Temperature diagrams and tables are generated to enable temperature trends which are analyzed over time.

For you who need a fully automated system

Take full advantage of the benefits of the new technology and let our Agrolog grain and crop quality management system give you the strong tools you need to always be in control of your grain and crops.

· TM6000 + hardware + Customized Software
· Safety Control. Automatic functions
· Automatic log and historical data
· Alarm settings
· Aeration – manual or automatic
· Easy-to-use system and access from everywhere

Agrolog by Supertech is for you who need a fully automated Temperature and Moisture Monitoring System to make your daily workflow easier and much safer.