AgroLog TMS2000

Every silo facility needs accuracy and a reliable temperature monitoring system. Our TMS2000 is a basic, professional handheld terminal and read-out unit.

Safety control is what you need

After installing the temperature sensor lines and related hardware in your silo, you simply connect the compact unit to the Agrolog Temperature Monitoring System. All sensors will be scanned, and temperatures will be displayed. This solution is for those of you who need a simple and cheap solution for monitoring the temperatures in your silo and bulk storage.

Know the temperature and avoid spoilage

With this system you can read the temperatures of every single sensor line in your silo or bulk storage at any time.

  • Safety control. You know the temperature inside your silos 24/7

  • Easy to install. 2-wire cable and no configuration needed

  • Easy-to-use system. Just install and use the hand terminal on a daily basis

This system is very flexible and can be extended at any given time. If you have not used a professional temperature monitoring system before, our TMS2000 is a very reliable and easy-to-use starter system. All you need is an electrician and our guides and manuals – and you are ready to go.

If you need support during installation or after, you can always contact your local dealer or call/e-mail our technical centre in Denmark.


Highlights and features

  • High-load sensor lines up to 60 m long and tailored for any application for ATEX Zone 20/21/22

  • Different mounting brackets and hooks available for inside or outside assembly

  • Fibre glass probes between 2.5 and 12 m long – up to 4 sensors

  • Durable construction suitable for all climates

  • Backlit display to help read data in low light conditions


This is how easy it is to operate the system

  • Connect the Agrolog TMS2000 hand instrument to the connection point

  • Turn on the hand instrument by pressing the ON/SCAN button and all sensors will automatically be scanned. The highest temperature will be shown on the display

  • Use the arrow keys and all sensors can be called off


Agrolog Temperature Monitoring System – the hardware package

  • Safety barrier

  • Connection box

  • Connection cable

  • TMS2000 hand terminal

  • Temperature sensor lines

  • Suspension hook

  • Roof suspension

  • Probes spears

  • Knife connectors

  • UTP-cable

  • Blind plugs (ATEX)

  • Cable glands (ATEX and NON ATEX)

Our production facilities are ISO9001 and ATEX certified, and our integrated in-house Quality Management System ensures no component leaves our Denmark-based facilities without a thorough 24-h test, ensuring the highest quality.


Technical specifications

  • Measuring range: -10 °C to +80 °C

  • Precision: 0.5 °C

  • Display: 2 line LCD, backlit

  • Battery: 9 V alkaline

  • Sensor: 1-wire digital

  • Dimensions: 148 x 88 x 25 mm

  • Weight of terminal: 0.240 kg

  • ATEX approved by TÜV

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For you who need to know the temperatures inside your silos

Every silo facility needs accuracy and a reliable temperature monitoring system. Our TMS2000 is a basic, professional handheld terminal and read-out unit.

· TMS2000 + hardware
· Safety Control
· Handheld device
· Easy to install
· Easy-to-use system

This system is flexible and can be extended at any given time. Perfect as a reliable and easy starter system for monitoring temperatures in your silos or bulk storages.


For you who need to be able to follow the development

Our TMS2500 is a compact portable hand terminal with built-in memory for documented temperature monitoring which also includes a PC Software to give you a quick overview.

· TMS2500 + hardware + PC Software
· Safety Control. Handheld device
· Stored data and temperature log
· Easy to install
· Easy-to-use system

This system also gives you detailed historical information. Temperature diagrams and tables are generated to enable temperature trends which are analyzed over time.

For you who need a fully automated system

Take full advantage of the benefits of the new technology and let our Agrolog grain and crop quality management system give you the strong tools you need to always be in control of your grain and crops.

· TM6000 + hardware + Customized Software
· Safety Control. Automatic functions
· Automatic log and historical data
· Alarm settings
· Aeration – manual or automatic
· Easy-to-use system and access from everywhere

Agrolog by Supertech is for you who need a fully automated Temperature and Moisture Monitoring System to make your daily workflow easier and much safer.