SuperTech Agroline - our story

At Supertech Agroline, our vision is straightforward. We are committed to offering revolutionary technology and high-quality temperature and moisture measuring equipment that our customers can rely on. We are driven by our focus on our customers’ needs in everything we do. Feel free to contact us regarding our systems at anytime.

Today we can empower our customers to achieve more with our intelligent systems

We believe in a digital future. We believe in an enormous digital transformation in the world - also in the agricultural field. The new technology gives us great advantages and provides us with strong tools that allows an automated use of data. We are prepared and have developed a strong and reliable product portfolio for the grain and crop management using the newest technology available. We give you solid hardware and an intelligent software solution that enables automated surveillance and control.

By minimizing waste, we maximize profit at the same time. Our Agrolog product line is made ready to assist you safely into the future.


We are here to support you – all the way

Our aim is not to conquer the world in the farming industry but to help our customers by being the reliable and valuable business partner. With our new software product lines we can help drive your business forward – relying on strong support and aftersales, easy-to-handle high quality product lines and reliable data to secure grain and crop management throughout the entire supply chain. We have made everything easy for you. You just install, use and let the data driven reports and daily analysis keep you continuously updated.


The world is changing. There is a need for accurate data

We offer a comprehensive and intelligent product range for the post-harvest equipment industry because we feel responsibility for the world, we live in. Our world is changing. The growth of the world population and the increase of production of bio-fuel will lead to shortage of grain in the future. Grain is the most important source of human food and animal feed.

With our products we aim to help protect the world’s crop by monitoring even small changes in a silo or bulk that could lead to grain or crop disruption. We do this by empowering people with the control of the siloes and bulks. No more need for gut feeling. It is time for using the reliable data provided to us from the intelligent software technology. We give you data and systems that you can rely on.


Our story is a story of commitment, innovation and more than 25 years of hands on experience with customers from all over the world. Let us guide you into the future with our reliable systems and help you optimize your production and profits. We are ready. Are you?

Facts about Supertech Agroline

  • Family owned business founded by Lars Frederiksen

  • Dedicated to work with developing, manufacturing and sales of high-quality temperature and moisture equipment

  • In-house Danish production

  • Worldwide distribution and sales in more than 50 countries

  • Comprehensive range of moisture analyzers and temperature monitoring systems in Grain and Crop Quality Management

  • Reliable and trustworthy business partner. We are here to help you in everyway and in every step of the process because we know from learning by doing

  • Strong relations and support all over the world – and a strong aftersales service directly from our technical center in Denmark or through your local dealer

Supertech Agroline worked in partnership with us to develop our bespoke Agrolog silo temperature monitoring system which suits the high level of grain monitoring we require to protect our malting barley stock throughout its storage period.

The Agrolog system data is displayed in easy-to-understand user-friendly interfaces, and data can be easily interrogated. Information is available immediately on the system and can be viewed on PC, tablet or mobile devices. This saves a lot of time in comparison to our previous analogue system and also inputting data on spreadsheets!

From system design and throughout installation the technical team were available using remote access to support us with any issue and guide our own technical staff to where a problem might be. Aftersales support continues to be excellent – geography has not been a barrier. The cloud-based system allows the Supertech Agroline technical team to detect any issues and resolve them for us very quickly.

We are extremely happy with the service, professionalism, and technical expertise of Supertech Agroline and would highly recommend them.
— Vicky King, Highland Grain

SuperTech Agroline also offers a range of Portable Moisture Analyzers.

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